Hi guys, welcome back to my (terrible) blog.

I’ve worked out fonts.

The main font for this site it called Atkinson Hyperlegible. I like it because it looks good (in my opinion), and it’s also a11y friendly.

Today, I decided to venture out, and using more fonts.

(Note: you mightn’t see the font changes if you use reader mode.)

The font for the details at the top is now Roboto Slab, or a different serif font if that doesn’t work. I’ve put an example picture at the bottom for [reader mode/RSS] readers

The body font is still Atkinson Hyperlegible, and monospace (e.g. codeblocks) fonts are now *Space Mono

You can see the progress later… when I use these more often.

Anyway, that’s it for today… next time i’m adding code highlighting + actual table styling (finally.)

For reader mode:

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