Everlast // Second time's the charm


A while back, I decided to run a Minecraft server. I used a free Azure for Students B1 VPS from Microsoft, and it ran 1.12 like shit… and couldn’t even run 1.18.2, the latest at the time! Turns out 1GB of RAM isn’t enough to run a Minecraft server smoothly. Or, at least now it isn’t. What about an 11 year old version?

Fast forward to about a week ago, and I was feeling nostalgic. I had installed 1.8, the version I started playing with, and was reliving what made me fall in love with the game in the first place[1]. It made me wonder, what about running a Minecraft server like it’s 2011… ?

So, I hunted down the server software. That was harder than I anticipated, actually. First, I checked the official Minecraft Launcher, which usually has a link to download the server software on all versions… or so I thought. Checking release 1.0 proved that wasn’t true. This MinecraftForum post from 2020 made it seem like the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine had archived it, but the link provided was for 1.1. I had to do more searching. Looking at more search results, I found a more recent StackExchange post suggesting to use the download link on, which was the right version!

I created a $12 DigitalOcean droplet with 2GB of RAM and 1 CPU core[2] and linked it to, and made this epic website with Flask and HTML. HOPEFULLY I won’t shut it down this time (as seen in the wonderfully dated first blog post), but it’d be nice if you’d join! As I write this, it’s not open yet, but you can find more details at…


  1. ^ (OK, that’s a lie. I played Hypixel and Mineplex because I sucked at survival at the time)
  2. ^ Afaik, Minecraft only needs one core (or the older versions do anyway), so unless I wanted to run more servers at once, this shouldn’t be an issue.